Couture Dress 3

This amazing dress was the original concept of the bride. She came with an idea in her head that she wanted a lace fitted dress with feathers all over the skirt.

Together we discussed her thoughts and put them to paper. Between us we came up with this beautiful design. There was some research needed to source the lace that the bride wanted. She didn’t want it floral but more of a flowing design. We managed to find some lace motifs that I was able to use on the dress and cut up in order to cover the whole of the fitted part of the dress. In order to get the pattern of the lace to work the base dress had to be made first so that it fitted perfectly. The lace was then sewn on top and cut so that the pattern was seamless covering over all the seam lines of the dress.  The sheer lace sleeves showed the lace design against the skin as did the small stand up collar.

The dress was structured with boning to create a contoured body shape and was fastened with small covered buttons and loops all the way down the back.

The skirt was made using many meters of ostrich feathers with layers of gathered tulle underneath to give the feathers more body. The lace tendrils of the bodice broke over the edge of the fitted dress to make for a soft blend into the skirt.

As with all the bespoke dresses that Elizabeth creates there were fittings at each stage of construction, not just for fit but also to develop the design at each stage with input from the bride as well as Elizabeth.

The bride sourced this wonderful headdress that complemented the dress perfectly and it was all finished off with a long soft tulle veil supplied by Elizabeth Ayers.

Having by chance met Liz, we immediately hit it off due to her friendly and knowledgeable manner. I knew straight away that she was the person to create my dream dress. Having sat down with her and explaining what I envisioned, she came up with the perfect design for my special occasion. 

She was super welcoming and accommodating and more than willing to adapt to any changes I made.

The whole process was completely seamless and magical and the end result was absolutely stunning. Drawing huge amounts of positive comments from my wedding guests. I have been blown away with the creativity and vision and couldn’t recommend Liz enough.